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  • Szemi-Pack Kft.

    Szemi-Pack Kft. is one of the most innovative Hungarian manufacturers and an international player in the packaging material market. We offer more, than 8,000 articles for various sectors, such as fruit and vegetables, ornamental gardening, food industry and other industrial uses. Our customers can benefit from our various packaging solutions tailored to the packed products, as well as from delivering our standard products within a single business day.


Our company is represented in many fields with its products.

Look at the areas where we are present with our products.

Food industry

Confectionery, bakery, spice packaging, vegetable and fruit processing, meat industry

Chemical industry

Cosmetics, household products, hygienic products


Electronics, agriculture, machinery, plastic products

General usage

Textiles, household products, stationary products, gardening, hygienic products


Our company has many certificates,

in the packaging material area it represents.

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    9600 Sárvár, Ikervári u. 40.

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    +36 95 994 0294

    +36 95 325 867

    +36 95 520 142

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    +36 95 520 144

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